Class List

9:30am Circuits

Tuesday & Friday 9:30am

Fit Hub, North Shore Road, Ramsey

In our circuit class we generally work through 8 different stations, working all parts of the body with exercises chosen to help with strength, toning, core conditioning and cardiovascular fitness.

Classes are held at the Fit Hub in Ramsey - a private, purpose-built gym perfectly suited to accommodate our classes.

Timings and class structure are always varied to help you enjoy the classes and keep you motivated.

Ideal time for parents after school drop / nursery run.

We demonstrate every exercise and will be there to help you with everything you need through the class.

A great way to start the day!

Over 60s Classes

Monday 10:30am @ M View / Wednesday 10:00 @ Kirk Michael / Friday 10:45am @ M View.

(Friday's session is circuit based)

Mountain View Innovation Centre / Kirk Michael

We offer two types of Over 60s class.

In the Monday 10:30am class next to Babbage's Bistro (and Wednesday 10:00am in Kirk Michael) we all work together at the same time through the chosen exercises. Focus is on balance, strength, mobility and flexibility, as well as cardiovascular fitness. After a gentle warm up we work through 4x 6-minute sets, with a rest in between each set. You're encouraged to work at your own level and can take a rest whenever you need to. We finish off the class with some light stretching (either floor based or chair based) to relaxing music. In our Over 60s Circuit class (Friday 10:45am) there are 8 exercises to work through. On each exercise we work for 3 lots of 30 seconds, with rest in between.

Every exercise is explained and there is always an alternative to make things easier or tougher. Any mat based exercise can always be switched to a standing exercise if you prefer.

Balance is generally the first improvement people see after attending this class for a few weeks. After that, people notice that they feel fitter and stronger and can perform exercises faster or hold certain positions for longer.

The social element is great for these classes - Babbage's Bistro is the perfect place to catch up with a cuppa after the class.